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Outsourcing & Co-sourcing Services

Finance & Accounting

We take care of our partners core finance processes – payables, receivables, reporting, governance – to increase speed, accuracy, controls and compliance as well as transactional aspects of day-to-day financial and accounting processes. With our resources we create a data-driven operating model that connects intelligent technologies, talent, data and analytics to provide real-time, actionable insights.

TAX Transfer Pricing

We provide outsourcing of partial or entire Tax Transfer Pricing practices and reporting to clients and Moore member firms.

Business Process Outsourcing

By applying transformation and face towards business process outsourcing our partners  can concentrate their efforts and resources to what is their core business.

​With a flexible operating model that combines multidisciplinary teams and technologies of partners, organizations can improve overall performance and sustainability.

Data & Analytics

Data and analytics have never been more fundamental to enterprises. We enable our partners to powerful insights by tapping into their data and bring together information, in real time, and make it more useful to everyone across businesses in order to make better and timely decisions.

Internal Audit Function

By either by co-sourcing or outsourcing the Internal Audit Function our partners take all the advantages of experienced and high level expertise of professionals for all business processes. 

We enable our partners with the resources to perform standard or tailored controls to ensure compliance with regulations, procedures, declarations and many more.


Why outsourcing?

We source human capital in order to provide our partners:

  • Professional services at low employment costs and no capital investments;

  • Significant number of highly educated and skilled professionals;

  • Staff with cultural affinities & first-class language skills;

  • Geographic proximity: easy traveling and communication – Low cost flights to reach our premises;

  • Favorable time zone – CET for communications and interchange of information in real time.


We are confident that outsourcing provides our partners very important advantages:

  • Relief from routine operations and focus their efforts and time on their core business;

  • Lower costs for a more effective operating environment at the back-end without sacrificing the quality;

  • Access to skilled expertise for technical and functional edge over their competitors;

  • Means to reach enhanced performance and higher profits.

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